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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do contact lenses last?
A: When properly stored and cleansed, a pair of ColourSoft cosmetic contact lenses can last 3 months.
There are also everyday wear lenses and weekly/fornightly lenses which are mostly available for people
who wear lenses to correct vision.

Q: Will my eye colour effect the colour of the lens?
A: People with dark eyes often ask if the colour of the lens will be darker than pictured. In short, it does
not matter what your eye colour is because cosmetic contact lenses have solid colours not tints (unless
they are specified as tinted colour contact lenses). Lenses specific for dark or light eyes will clearly be
labeled as suitable for a particular eye colour.

Q: What are CrazySoft Cosmetic or Fashion Contact Lenses?
A: Cosmetic contact lenses may also be reffered to as fashion contact lenses. Cosmetic fashion contacts
provide no eyesight correction and as the name suggests, they are used for movies, theatre, cosmetic or
fashion purposes. Fashion contact lenses may also be labeled "plano" which simply means they are not
corrective contact lenses.